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Strasbourg mon amour : The magic of Valentine's Day in the European capital

Looking for a romantic place to spend Valentine's Day? At the heart of Europe, Strasbourg is transformed into a veritable capital of love every February. The city celebrates Valentine's Day in an original way with "Strasbourg, mon amour", a lovers' festival featuring a variety of events over 10 days. A unique romantic experience for lovers.

Valentine's Day reinvented by Strasbourg

Every year since 2013, Strasbourg has become the "capital of love", reinventing Valentine's Day with a festival that combines poetry, culture, glamour and a touch of originality. The "Strasbourg mon amour" festival offers a rich and quirky programme of events and culture, including a love café, concerts and entertainment. The 2024 edition will take place from 9 to 18 February, culminating in the 24h of Love.

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Strasbourg mon amour 2024: the programme

From 9 to 18 February 2024, the new edition of "Strasbourg mon amour" promises a romantic immersion through a series of varied events. This year, the city will come alive around the "Place de l'amour", offering concerts and entertainment. Community initiatives such as the "Don d'amour" blood drive and a culinary challenge in support of Restos du Cœur underline the spirit of sharing.

Burlesque evenings, opera dinners and swimming under the stars offer unique moments. This year's event focuses on love in all its forms, inviting discovery and collective celebration.

Place de l'amour, the flagship event

The "Place de l'amour" will be the flagship event of "Strasbourg mon amour 2024". It will be held on Saturday 10 February from 3pm to 1am in the Salle de la Bourse. On the menu: a baby boom, a swing aperitif, a slow party and an electro hip hop dance floor. It's a fun dance experience for all ages. Admission is free, except for drinks.

City walks in love

At the heart of "Strasbourg mon amour 2024", there are four exciting activities: a 14km night-time rollerblade ride on 16 February, a 5km walk through picturesque districts on 11 February, romantic cruises on the water from 9 to 18 February with Captain Bretzel, and guided tours by the Tourist Office on 10, 11, 14 and 17 February, exploring the theme of love in the city. These free activities, which require registration, promise unique moments of escape and discovery.

Love and sharing

"Strasbourg mon amour" is also a time for solidarity, with a blood drive organised by the Établissement français du sang, reaffirming its long-standing partnership with the festival at the Maison du don du sang.

At the same time, the EM's Kitchen culinary challenge on 15 February at Kooma (Manufacture des Tabacs) will bring together students under the aegis of star chefs from Alsace to concoct dishes on the theme of love, with the proceeds going to the Restos du Cœur, marking a perfect marriage between gastronomy and generosity.

Romantic and unusual love

The 2024 edition of "Strasbourg mon amour" also highlights love in its most romantic and unusual forms. The Banquet d'Orphée offers a unique culinary and artistic experience in the church of Saint-Guillaume, combining haute cuisine and opera.

Bathing under the stars offers a memorable evening at the Municipal Baths, in an intimate candlelit setting. Finally, the 'En duo les yeux fermés' experience invites you on a sensory discovery of the Château Vodou, while 'Un ticket pour le 7e ciel' promises panoramic declarations of love from the cathedral.

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