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The Strasbourg-Berlin night train is back

After a nine-year break, the night train between Strasbourg and Berlin is finally back. The SNCF (the French rail company), Deutsche Bahn (the German rail company) and ÖBB (the Austrian rail company) have announced that tickets for this journey will go on sale on 11 December.

An attractive offer for travellers between France and Germany

The three airlines operating this route are offering three round trips per week, with stops in Strasbourg in France, and Frankfurt, Erfurt and Halle in Germany. This new offer promises to be particularly attractive for travellers wishing to reach the two capitals without using planes or cars.

Ticket prices are also attractive, starting at €29.90 for a seat. Trains will run from city centre to city centre, offering passengers unrivalled comfort and convenience.

Strasbourg-Berlin night train timetable

  • For the outward journey, departure from Strasbourg at 23:36 and arrival in Berlin at 08:26.
  • For the return journey, departure from Berlin at 20:18 and arrival in Strasbourg at 5:44.

The renewal of night trains in Europe

The opening of ticket sales for the new night train between Strasbourg and Berlin marks a new stage in the agreement signed in 2020 to relaunch night trains in Europe. Several railway companies, including SNCF Voyageurs and Austrian Railways, have committed to further developing this mode of transport.

The comeback of the Strasbourg-Berlin night train joins the other night routes already offered in Europe, such as those linking Paris to Vienna (Austria) or Brussels to Vienna, operated by the Austrian company ÖBB and its famous Nightjet.

The advantages of night trains

  • Economy: Attractive prices mean that passengers can save money compared with the cost of a plane ticket or the fuel for a car journey.
  • Comfort: Sleeper compartments offer extra comfort for passengers, who can sleep during the journey.
  • Convenience: Departure and arrival times are often late in the evening and early in the morning, avoiding rush hour journeys and saving time.
  • Ecology: Trains are a less polluting mode of transport than planes, helping to reduce passengers' carbon footprint.

With this new night-time service, and other projects under way or planned, night trains look set to have a bright future ahead of them. We can only hope that their success will lead to the development of even more links between different European cities, offering travellers an increasingly attractive and sustainable option for their journeys.

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