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Strasbourg in spring: 9 cool things to do

Spring is probably my favourite season in Strasbourg. The weather is mild, the vegetation is waking up and so is the city. If you're looking for something to do at the weekend or during your stay in Strasbourg this spring, here are my 9 suggestions for making the most of this pleasant season in the European capital.

Why visit Strasbourg in spring?

Spring is probably the most pleasant time to visit Strasbourg. With temperatures fluctuating between 10 and 20°C, it's the perfect time to explore the city without the constraints of the winter cold or the sometimes oppressive summer heat.

The awakening of nature adds a magical touch to the city. The spectacle of magnolias in flower is particularly remarkable in different parts of the city. The parks come back to life and it's a good time to get out your bike again, the best way to soak up Strasbourg's unique atmosphere in spring.

Spring is also synonymous with Easter, a particularly important period in Alsace. So much so that we have an extra public holiday: Good Friday. Easter trees are prepared with the children, who receive gifts just like at Christmas, and Lammele, the Easter lamb, is eaten.

Finally, Strasbourg comes alive with a multitude of cultural and festive events. From the Night of the Museums to Europe Day, not forgetting the NL Contest, the Internationaux de Strasbourg (IS) for tennis fans and the traditional Foire Saint-Jean, there's something for everyone.

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What to do in Strasbourg in spring

Enjoy the magnolias in flower

The return of spring to Strasbourg is undoubtedly marked by the blossoming of the magnolias. These trees, symbols of beauty and renewal, are a spectacular sight in the city. To make the most of it, I highly recommend taking a stroll around the Place de la République, the Parc de l'Orangerie or along the banks of the River Ill, along the Quai Koch, just before the Église Saint-Paul. It's an ephemeral moment, a spectacle not to be missed, ideal for photography enthusiasts or simply for strolling around.

Magnolias along the Quai Koch in Strasbourg

Strolling and playing in the parks

With the return of the warm weather, Strasbourg's parks are becoming the place to be. Whether it's for an invigorating stroll, a picnic with friends or an afternoon of family games, the green spaces offer the ideal setting for enjoying the spring sunshine.

My favourites? The Parc de l'Orangerie, the town's oldest park, with its lake, formal garden and vast lawns. For a wilder experience, I invite you to visit the Botanical Gardens. It's the perfect place to get away from it all without leaving the city. Finally, the Parc Friedel in Illkirch is ideal if you want to wander among free-roaming animals.

A donkey and goats running free in Friedel Park

Cycling in Strasbourg

Strasbourg is often referred to as the French capital of cycling - or at least one of the best cities for cyclists in France. And spring is the perfect season to understand why. With over 600km of cycle paths, venturing out by bike is both a pleasure and a discovery.

Whether you choose to take the 80km long "piste des Forts" around the city, cycle along canals such as the Marne au Rhin, explore the nearby Alsatian countryside along the Bruche canal, or simply get from A to B in the city, cycling is the perfect way to enjoy Strasbourg's mild climate and beauty in spring.

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Celebrate Easter in the Easter village

Easter in Strasbourg is a celebration that goes far beyond mere religious festivities; it's a time for sharing and discovery that is deeply rooted in Alsatian culture. The city, known for its world-famous Christmas market, also knows how to embrace the magic of Easter, albeit in a more modest way.

Lammele, a traditional Alsatian pastry for Easter

The Easter village, organised with passion by the Saint Thomas District Traders' Association, is a must. Located right next to Petite France, in the heart of one of Strasbourg's most picturesque districts, this ephemeral village is the scene of a multitude of activities and entertainment for all ages. You'll find craft stalls, children's workshops, merry-go-rounds and tastings of local produce.

Pick the first strawberries in June

The arrival of the first strawberries marks one of the simple but oh-so-tasty pleasures of spring in Strasbourg. To enjoy this experience, I recommend that you go to l'îlot de la Meinau or Au Pays des Fraises in Vendenheim, where you can pick your own strawberries.

Strawberries from Îlot de la Meinau

Not only will you get the chance to pick delicious strawberries yourself, but it's also a great activity to do with the kids while supporting local agriculture. You'll see that the flavour is incomparable to those you usually find in the shops.

Tasting Alsatian asparagus

Spring in Strasbourg is also an opportunity to savour one of the region's most prized delicacies: Alsatian asparagus, generally harvested between 15 April and 15 June. Mainly grown in white, they are distinguished by their delicate flavour and melt-in-the-mouth texture. You can buy them at farmers' markets such as those in Neudorf and Îlot de la Meinau. And if you don't like peeling them, there are even peeling machines!

Traditionally, asparagus is served with a variety of hams (raw, white or cooked) and sauces (vinaigrette, mayonnaise or hollandaise). There's something for everyone to create the perfect pairing.

Discover the city's museums during Museum Night

The Night of the Museums is a major European cultural event, giving visitors the chance to discover museums in a different light... or rather, a different night! In Strasbourg, this exceptional evening opens the doors of many museums free of charge, offering unique visits enhanced by special events, guided tours and shows. Art, history, heritage, Europe... you'll be spoilt for choice.

Discover Europe on Europe Day

In Strasbourg, home to several European institutions, 9 May is a special day. Europe Day is an opportunity to celebrate peace and unity in Europe. Institutions such as the European Parliament and Le lieu d'Europe open their doors to the public, with guided tours, lectures and fun activities for all ages.

European parliament

Excitement for the NL Contest and the International Tennis Championships

Spring in Strasbourg is also synonymous with sport and adrenaline, thanks in particular to the NL Contest and the Internationaux de Strasbourg (IS). The NL Contest is the urban culture festival. It attracts fans of skateboarding, BMX, rollerblading, graffiti, breakdancing and electro music, turning the city into a huge playground for competition.

At the same time, the Strasbourg Internationals are a highlight for tennis fans. The first women's tournament, and a precursor to the French Open, it brings together tennis players from all over the world to put on a top-class sporting show. Attending the IS is also an opportunity to enjoy the unique atmosphere of professional tennis in a friendly and enthusiastic setting.

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