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Public holidays: All you need to know before visiting Strasbourg

When planning a trip to the delightful city of Strasbourg, understanding local holidays is a key piece of the cultural puzzle. These unique celebrations not only mark the passing of time but also offer a window into the heart of Strasbourg's rich traditions. Unlike the rest of France, Strasbourg, located in the Alsace region, celebrates two additional public holidays. So, pack your bags and get ready to dive into the joyous celebrations that punctuate Strasbourg's year!

A Year Full of Celebrations: Strasbourg's Public Holidays

Let's start our journey at the beginning of the year, with New Year’s Day (Jour de l’an) celebrated on the 1st of January. It's a day of relaxation, family gatherings, and a hopeful look forward to the year ahead.

Next up, a unique holiday to Alsace and Moselle: Good Friday (Vendredi Saint). Celebrated on the 7th of April in 2023, this day marks the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Unlike the rest of France, this religious holiday is given due recognition in Strasbourg with many businesses closing for the day.

Following Good Friday, Easter Monday (Lundi de Pâques) is celebrated on the 10th of April. This public holiday is a day for family outings and Easter egg hunts, a tradition cherished by locals and tourists alike.

On the 1st of May, you'll encounter Labor Day (Fête du 1er mai). This day honors the working class of France and is typically marked by parades and demonstrations, Strasbourg included.

World War II Victory Day (Fête du 8 mai or Jour de la Victoire 45), celebrated on the 8th of May, commemorates the end of World War II in Europe. Expect a day of remembrance with military parades and ceremonies at war memorials.

The 18th of May brings Ascension Day (Jour de l’Ascension), celebrated 40 days after Easter. It's another day when most businesses in Strasbourg close, and locals enjoy the extended weekend.

Come late May, Strasbourg, like the rest of France, celebrates Whit Sunday and Whit Monday (Lundi de Pentecôte). These religious holidays, celebrated on the 28th and 29th of May respectively, are associated with vibrant church services.

Moving ahead to the 15th of August, we find the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Assomption). This Christian holiday is widely observed in Strasbourg, with many businesses closed and church services held throughout the day.

Autumn brings the All Saints' Day (La Toussaint) on the 1st of November. A day of reverence, locals visit cemeteries to honor deceased loved ones with flowers and candles.

The 11th of November marks the Armistice Day (Jour d'armistice), a day of remembrance for the end of World War I. Official ceremonies and quiet reflections characterize this holiday.

Celebrating the National Day in Strasbourg

The enthusiasm for Bastille Day (Fête nationale) on the 14th of July is infectious throughout France, but Strasbourg offers its own unique flair to the celebration. Both young and old eagerly anticipate the spectacular fireworks display that commemorates the French Revolution. As everyone's gaze turns skywards, the vibrant colours reflect off the Rhine and illuminate the cityscape. "Oh, the beautiful blue one!" you'll hear someone exclaim, as each firework pays tribute to the Republic.

This year, the fireworks display will be launched from the Parc de l’Étoile, a tradition for many years, starting at 10:30 PM. For those passionate about pyrotechnic displays, the Festival Art et Lumière at Furdenheim, just a few kilometers away, promises to be an exciting event.

But the celebration isn't just about the fireworks. The bal populaire, a traditional public dance party, kicks off at 8 PM on the Place de Bourse. Immerse yourself in the festive and warm atmosphere of the dance floor, where music brings people together in celebration.

Christmas in Strasbourg: A Mesmerizing Winter Wonderland

There's something truly magical about Christmas in Strasbourg. As the year draws to a close, the city transforms into a mesmerizing winter wonderland. The scent of spiced mulled wine, gingerbread, and roasting chestnuts fills the air, while twinkling lights adorn every street, turning the city into a luminous fairy tale.

Christmas Day (Noël) on the 25th of December is a time for family gatherings, grand meals, and the exchange of gifts. It's a day of warmth and celebration, despite the chill of the Alsace winter.

But the holiday spirit in Strasbourg doesn't end with Christmas. Unique to the region, Boxing Day/Saint Stephen’s Day (La Saint-Etienne) is celebrated on the 26th of December. The city maintains its festive charm for this additional holiday, with most businesses remaining closed as families spend another day celebrating the joyous season.

Enjoy Strasbourg during its public holidays

There's no denying that Strasbourg's calendar is a vibrant tapestry woven with an array of public holidays and celebrations. Each offers a unique insight into the city's rich cultural heritage and provides a delightful experience for visitors. Whether it's the anticipation of Easter traditions, the spirited National Day celebrations, or the magical atmosphere of Christmas, Strasbourg's public holidays make every visit a memorable one.

Experiencing these holidays firsthand adds a truly special dimension to your visit. The rhythmic flow of the city's life, marked by these celebrations, paints a beautiful picture of what it means to be in Strasbourg. So, on your next trip, be sure to immerse yourself in these events - you might just find yourself falling in love with the charm of Strasbourg!

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