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Strasbourg Christmas Market: Christmas soup from Michelin-starred chefs

Winter is here, and with it the traditional Strasbourg Christmas market. Among the delicious flavours to be discovered at the various market stalls, there's one that really catches the eye: Christmas soup prepared by Michelin-starred chefs from Alsace.

Once again this year, visitors can treat themselves to a tasty soup made by renowned professionals. For only €3 (plus €1 for the returnable cup), you can enjoy this soup right in the heart of the market.

Recipes created by Alsatian chefs for just €3

Alsatian chefs are putting all their know-how and creativity at the service of gourmets. The recipes on offer will change every day, giving visitors the chance to discover new flavours every day. The ingredients used will of course include local, seasonal produce.

Thanks to this wide choice of ingredients, this year's four Michelin-starred chefs are able to offer varied and tasty soups that will delight every palate:

  • Mushroom soup with Riesling, croutons and spices by Alexis Albrecht from the restaurant "Au vieux couvent" in Rhinau (Bas-Rhin).
  • Split pea velouté with cocoa butter by David Degoursy from the De:ja restaurant in Strasbourg.
  • Carrot velouté with red curry and coconut milk by Romain Creutzmeyer from Le Colbert restaurant in Strasbourg.
  • The pumpkin velouté with parmesan by Pascal Bastian from the Auberge du Cheval Blanc restaurant in Lembach (Bas-Rhin).

A solidarity initiative to support local associations

This gourmet tasting event, organised by Humanis, is not just about treating visitors to the Christmas market. The money raised from the sale of these soups - over €100,000 each year - is donated to around sixty local associations working for various causes. So by warming up with a tasty soup, participants are also helping to support these organisations.

Vacuum-packed bags to take the soup home

For those who would like to repeat the tasty experience at home, it is possible to take home the delicious soups prepared by Alsatian chefs. Vacuum-packed sachets, priced at €10 a litre, preserve the authentic flavours and allow you to enjoy the unique taste of these recipes to the full.

You can also buy the soups at other outlets in Alsace, including

  • Ordidocaz in Schiltigheim from 15 November to 22 December
  • Halles du Scilt in Schiltigheim from 16 November to 24 December
  • At Place des Halles in Strasbourg from 27 November to 24 December

Three suggestions for varying culinary delights at the Strasbourg Christmas Market

As well as delicious soups prepared by Michelin-starred chefs, the Strasbourg Christmas Market also offers other culinary options for gourmets. Here are three ideas for discovering different flavours during your visit:

  • La Maison Kammerzell: This Strasbourg institution offers foie gras sandwiches, a refined local speciality that will delight fans of French gastronomy.
  • Spätzles: These traditional Alsatian pastries are a must-taste when you visit the market. Accompanied by a good sauce, they are a comforting and tasty dish.
  • Flammekueches: Also known as tarte flambée in French, this regional speciality is made with bread dough covered in cream, onions and bacon. It's a convivial dish to share with friends and family!

The Strasbourg Christmas market offers a varied culinary experience with something for everyone. But if you're looking for a warm and sociable break, don't hesitate to try the Christmas soup prepared by Michelin-starred chefs.

The gourmet market in Colmar

If you're also planning to visit the Colmar Christmas Market, this year there's a market entirely devoted to gourmets.

Located on Rue de la Montagne Verte, near the covered market, the Marché Gourmand includes 9 huts and 9 master chefs who will concoct divine dishes (oysters, Alsatian specialities...) and a culinary show in the centre of the market. You can eat in or take away.

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