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Spring in Strasbourg with stunning pink magnolias bloom

In the springtime, the magnolias in the Place de la République offer a truly magical sight. It's one of my absolute favorite views in Strasbourg.

The Place de la République serves as the gateway to Neustadt. When its magnolias bloom in the spring, this former Kaiserplatz (or Emperor's Square) takes on a certain poetic charm. And it seems I'm not the only one who's charmed by it, judging by the number of selfies and photos on Instagram at this time of year. To catch a glimpse of this enchanting sight, one must visit around mid-March to early April.

These magnificent trees, named after the former director of the Montpellier Botanical Garden, Dr. Pierre Magnol, produce beautiful large pink or white flowers in the spring. The largest specimen in the Place de la République reaches a height of 8 meters! Personally, I adore the stunning view from the side of the Prefecture building, with the cathedral in the background.

That's not all, though! The magnolias aren't the only remarkable trees in the square. There are also gorgeous Ginkgo Biloba trees, which were gifted by Emperor Mutsuhito of Japan to Kaiser Wilhelm II. The tallest of the four specimens planted in the square stands at 29 meters high, providing much-appreciated shade for Strasbourg residents as they stroll or relax on the grass.

Another perfect spot to catch a glimpse of blooming magnolias in Strasbourg is in front of the Saint-Paul Church, just a stone's throw away from the Gallia tram stop. How about you? What are your favorite places in Strasbourg to see the magnolias in bloom in the springtime?

blooming magnolias in Strasbourg by the water
Blooming magnolias near Saint Paul's church (tram station "Gallia")
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