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Exploring unusual and unique places in Strasbourg

There are so many ways to discover Strasbourg in an unusual and original way! As a resident of the city, I've had the opportunity to do some extraordinary activities. Check out my list of unusual things to do in Strasbourg to discover the city in a different way!

Take a Segway sightseeing tour

You can have a quick overview of the must-see places in the city by taking a Segway tour. The 2-hour-tour with One City Tours takes us to the unmissable places of Strasbourg's Grande-Île such as the Petite France district, the cathedral of Strasbourg, the Palais Rohan up to the European institutions and the Parc de l'Orangerie. It's very interesting!

Segways on Place Kleber in Strasbourg
2-hour-tour Segway with One City Tours in Strasbourg

Take a boat tour

Drive an electric boat

Strasbourg is an aquatic city that's crossed by many rivers and canals. Among them, there are the Ill river, the Canal de la Marne au Rhin or the basins of the port activities.

The company Captain Bretzel offers several circuits to discover the city by electric boat. It's possible to navigate on the water to go to the European district or to the Presqu’Île André Malraux district. But you can also opt for a more natural and wilder circuit towards the park of Heyritz and until the Castle of Ill in Ostwald.

Once you're finished the lovely boat tour, you can have a drink on the floating terrace. The view's very nice! The terrace is open every day during summer time from 10am to 11pm.

Address: Navig Plaisance - Captain Bretzel, 49 Quai des Alpes, Strasbourg. Accessible by tramway (C or E) at the “Winston Churchill” station (approximately 15 / 20 minutes from the city center).
Electric boat near Presqu'Île Malraux district

Enjoy the view on a bateau-mouche

The Batorama riverboat company also offers unusual tours in addition to their very interesting regular tours. You can embark in a fly boat and enjoy a beautiful view of Strasbourg from the river. I've already taken my family to explore Strasbourg by boat and they LOVED it!

At Christmas time, you can take a walk along the water with a rather amusing tale that will take you on a quest for Santa's elves lost in Strasbourg! Another cruise will take you to discover the Port Autonome de Strasbourg, the second largest river port in France after Paris. It's the "Strasbourg-sur-Mer" cruise.

Boat departures with Batorama are in the city center, 150 meters away from the cathedral of Strasbourg. Very convenient!

Explore Strasbourg by bike

There're many cycling routes in Strasbourg. But did you know that the beautiful Strasbourg is the French capital city of bikes ? It's quite easy to rent a bike in Strasbourg to enjoy your journey.

Even if you can have a low-cost and quick overview while walking in the city center, you should really enjoy a ride far from the historical quarter. It's the best way to visit Strasbourg in a more authentic, natural or wild way!

I really enjoy riding with my bike on the Piste des forts (Fort Trails) which takes you on a tour around Strasbourg. I usually ride short sections of the Trail at my own pace!

You can also go to the Jardin des Deux-Rives and to Kehl (in Germany). You are going to LOVE all the green spaces! And you'll be able to eat nice ice creams in Kehl's city center :)

Strasbourg: 1-Day Bike Rental

Rent a beautiful bike for a day and discover the beauty of Strasbourg. Ride safely and take in the main sights such as the European Parliament and the Cathédrale.

Rent a bike in Strasbourg
Bike ride in Strasbourg on the Fort Trail

Attend a cultural event

Strasbourg has a rich cultural calendar, with events ranging from music festivals to art exhibitions! So check out what's happening during your visit and join in on the fun!

Here are some of the places I recommend as a local guide:

  • If you're in the mood for some karaoke, head over to Jimmy's Bar or The Bunny's for a fun-filled night.
  • For a more laid-back and intimate musical experience, don't miss the jazz sessions at Artichaut bar every other Thursday night.
  • If you're looking for something different, check out Les Savons d'Hélène bar for some acoustic concerts featuring local performers.
  • For a more upbeat and lively experience, head over to Blue Note Café for free DJ nights and concerts.
  • Make sure to check out the concert program of La Laiterie, a renowned concert venue in Strasbourg. With a diverse range of musical genres and artists, you're quite sure to find something that fits your taste.

Follow the tramway lines

Strasbourg's tramway network is particularly well developed and quite convenient for moving around quickly. But it can also be used to visit the city in a more unusual way through its tramway lines and stops.

tramway in strasbourg
Strasbourg is well served by public transport!

Visit off-the-beaten-path neighborhoods

Strasbourg is not only its picturesque Petite France district, its unavoidable cathedral or its European district with the Parliament, the Council of Europe or the Human Rights Palace. Strasbourg also has many rich and diverse quarters that are witnesses to the history of the Alsatian capital.

A hunt walking tour with family around Strasbourg

The Strasbourg scavenger hunt walking tour is a fun way to explore the city at your own pace and learn about its history and landmarks through interactive riddles. It's a great self-guided outdoor activity for families and friends!

The tour covers 10 of Strasbourg's most important attractions: the Ponts Couverts, l'Eglise de Saint-Thomas, La Place Gutenberg, the Alsatian Museum, Strasbourg Cathedral, Palais Rohan, Place Kleber, Strasbourg Opera House, and the Eglise Saint-Paul. Each stop offers a unique riddle to solve that can only be unlocked by reaching the specific location.

One of the great features of this tour is the flexibility it offers: you can start the tour whenever you want, pause the game at any time to take a break or visit a museum, and choose to continue the tour later or save the rest for another day.

Treasure hunt in the cathedral of Strasbourg with a child
Treasure hunt in the cathedral of Strasbourg with a child

Have fun doing unusual things in Strasbourg!

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