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Heritage Day 2023 in Strasbourg

Every year, the European Heritage Days are an opportunity to discover Strasbourg's rich heritage. On 16 and 17 September 2023, for the 40th edition of the Heritage Days, there will be a wide range of events.

You'll have the chance to discover new sites, take part in guided tours, enjoy demonstrations and concerts. Here's a small selection of the 300-plus venues and events on offer over the weekend. So get ready for a weekend full of discoveries and surprises in Strasbourg!

European Heritage Day: A Journey Through Time

Originating from a French initiative in 1984, Heritage Day quickly captured the hearts of history and culture enthusiasts. On 23rd September 1984, the French Ministry of Culture, led by Minister Jack Lang, launched the first "Open Doors in Historical Monuments" day. Given the resounding success of this initiative, the idea of extending this event to a European level was conceived.

By 1985, several European countries, charmed by the concept, followed suit. In 1991, the Council of Europe officially established the "European Heritage Days", with the support of the European Union. Since then, this event has become an unmissable occasion for millions across Europe, eager to reconnect with their history and discover the hidden gems of their heritage.

Strasbourg's Must-Sees

Strasbourg, with its millennia of history, opens the doors to its most iconic monuments. The Museum of Modern Art offers guided tours to immerse in contemporary art. The majestic Strasbourg Cathedral allows the bravest to access its platform, offering a panoramic view of the city. The Abbey of the Episcopal College of Saint Stephen, a silent witness of time, will reveal its secrets to the curious.

Focus on "Living Heritage" and "Sporting Heritage"

This year, Strasbourg shines a light on its rich living and sporting heritage. Beyond buildings and monuments, it's an entire culture, traditions, and a passion for sports that will be celebrated. Animations, exhibitions, and workshops will allow both locals and visitors to discover or rediscover this dynamic and vibrant facet of the city.

Unique Discoveries

Behind the Scenes of Museums

For those always curious about what lies behind the displays, Heritage Day offers a unique opportunity. The Study and Conservation Pole of the City Museums of Strasbourg will open the doors to its reserves, unveiling treasures usually hidden from the public.

Culinary Heritage

Gastronomy is also a heritage to celebrate. The Alsatian Museum invites you on a culinary journey to Japan with a tasting of Japanese pastries, offered by the Alsatian pastry chef, Charlotte Caspar from Pâtisserie Usagiya.

Theatrical Walks in the Cemetery

For a truly unique experience, the Strasbourg community funeral service offers theatrical walks titled "Those Below". These walks, taking place in the South Cemetery, offer an original perspective on Strasbourg's history.

Activities for All Tastes

Astral Journey at the Planetarium

The Science Garden of Strasbourg invites everyone to look up to the stars. On the agenda: discovery of constellations and yoga sessions under the starry dome of the new planetarium. An immersive experience that promises to awaken everyone's curiosity.

Historical Escape Game

For puzzle and adventure enthusiasts, a free escape game will be held in the streets of Strasbourg. Organised by John Doe in Place Kléber, participants will be immersed in a mysterious investigation surrounding a disappearance and an inviolable chest. A fun way to discover the city while having a blast.

Dive into Europe

The Oppenheimer Villa, the seat of the Permanent Representation of France to the Council of Europe, will open its doors to the public. A rare opportunity to discover the backstage of this European institution and learn more about Strasbourg's role at the heart of Europe.

Full programme and tips for enjoying Heritage Day 2023 in Strasbourg

The city will be revealing its many facets, with discoveries, wonders and activities for all ages. An invitation to discover Strasbourg, celebrate its rich heritage and share unforgettable moments with family and friends. Don't miss this unique opportunity to plunge into the heart of Strasbourg's history and culture!

How can one book for Heritage Day?

To book for Heritage Day, it's typically recommended to check the official website or the sites of participating institutions. Some visits require prior booking, while others are open access.

What is the date for Heritage Day in 2023?

Heritage Day in 2023 will take place on the 16th and 17th of September.

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