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10 Gluten Free Places in Strasbourg

There are plenty of gluten-free places to eat in Strasbourg. Find out more about my favorite restaurants and bakeries where you can enjoy yourself safely if you want to eat gluten-free food!

L'Eden Libre de Gluten, the 100% gluten free bakery and pastry shop

The bakery L'Eden Libre de Gluten is a 100% gluten free bakery and tea room. They have a few seats inside for lunch. To be eaten: slices of pizza or quiche, salads, sandwiches and freshly squeezed fruit juice.

We love this place especially for its exceptional pastries in individual portions or in larger sizes at Christmas time in Strasbourg (ahhh the Christmas logs!!!).

Countertop of the gluten free bakery L'Eden Libre de Gluten in Strasbourg
A gluten free pastry on a plate from the bakery L'Eden Libre de Gluten

Pur Etc., vegan and gluten free food in Strasbourg

Pur Etc. is a locavore brand in Strasbourg that has 5 restaurants. The concept is simple: fresh, seasonal products, directly from the producer and with an eco-responsible approach. Vegans and gluten-free people are welcome with several options proposed, regularly renewed according to the seasons of the year. For example, you can order there a shepherd's pie, Lebanese tabbouleh or an eggplant crumble with goat cheese, honey and thyme. Pur Etc. even offers a selector on their website so your choice can be made easily.

Outside terrace of Pur Etc restaurant in Strasbourg

Mama Bubbele, gluten-free flammkuchen

The flammkuchen (or flammekueche, or flam' for friends) is one of the culinary specialties of Alsace. However, it is impossible to eat it when you can't eat gluten. Good news! There is an address in Strasbourg that offers delicious gluten-free flammkuchen on the spot and to take away: Mama Bubbele.

This restaurant on the Place du Corbeau specializes in flams. It is even known to be one of the best addresses in Strasbourg. Moreover, no need to reserve in advance: there are always some à la carte with all the options proposed in normal time. From the very traditional cream + bacon and onion base to the more original honey munster (vegetarian) or truffled brie (vegetarian).

A vegetarian and gluten-free flammkuchen at Mama Bubbele

Venezolatino, Venezuelan street food

Venezuelan cuisine is quite naturally gluten-free because it's mostly corn-based. Venezolatino restaurant offers a delicious and affordable overview with arepas, a kind of sandwich made with corn flour. You can choose your meal among house specialties such as stewed beef or chicken, avocado, cheese or plantains. You'll even find vegan and vegetarian options.

An arepas from Venezolatino restaurant in Strasbourg

Bistrot et Chocolat, the vegetarian and gluten-free brunch at the bottom of the cathedral

At the bottom of the cathedral of Strasbourg, Bistrot et Chocolat is a vegetarian place not to be missed. Only sourced products and homemade food - sometimes vegan and gluten-free food - are served.

You can come for breakfast, lunch or have a coffee with a pastry for a snack in a friendly atmosphere. The 100% vegetarian menu is very complete and all allergens are clearly indicated. It's also one of the very few places to offer a vegan and gluten-free brunch. No reservation's possible. It's necessary to come, to announce itself and to wait for a table to be available. The rotation's rather fast.

Gluten free brunch in Strasbourg at the bottom of the cathedral

The Blue Flamingo, the floating restaurant that adapts to your diet

The Blue Flamingo is a floating restaurant that offers a limited menu of home-made dishes with fresh products. It's located near the Rivétoile shopping center. There are often naturally gluten-free dishes and the chef can easily adapt if you indicate your diet. In addition, the setting's really exceptional!

Floating restaurant in Strasbourg next to Rivétoile

Le Boma, the flexitarian restaurant

Located downtown in the Rue du 22 Novembre, the BOMA restaurant claims to allow everyone to find their happiness. The menu's limited, made with fresh and seasonal products. Fish, meat, vegetarian, gluten-free or lactose-free... everything is perfectly indicated. It's rare and it feels good!

The Bischenberg Inn, 40 minutes away from Strasbourg

I'm taking you out of Strasbourg with an exceptional inn in the Forêt Noire. It's located only 40 minutes from Strasbourg. The Bischenberg offers a very complete menu of gluten-free dishes typical of the region, such as tartes flambees (one of which is vegetarian), meat with spätzle, pastries and ice creams... It's very yummy and the restaurant's labeled with the Deutschen Zöliakie Gesellschaft - which means German Coeliac Society.

In the summertime, the terrace's particularly pleasant with its splendid view of the Forêt Noire hills. In wintertime, a gluten-free Christmas market is organized on the first Sunday of Advent.

The Bischenberg inn near Strasbourg
A gluten-free dish
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Other gluten free places to eat in Strasbourg

Le Velicious, the vegan restaurant

You'll find other places to eat gluten free in Strasbourg. Le Velicious is a vegan restaurant with a limited choice, especially in gluten-free dishes. There're hardly any desserts available. On the other hand, you'll be very well advised for the wine.

Raw food salad with Velicious

La boulangerie Au feu de bois

In the Neudorf, the bakery "Au feu de bois" offers gluten-free bread ordered 2 days in advance and in batches of 2. It's excellent, even yummier than the one at L'Eden Libre de Gluten. You can also personalize it according to your taste: with dried fruits, seeds, chocolate...

By the way, it's one of the gluten free bakeries in Strasbourg that I recommend to you!

What about you ? What are your favorite gluten free places to eat in Strasbourg?

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