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10 Strasbourg Instagrammable Places For Photography

Strasbourg is one of the most photogenic cities in France. It's fun taking pictures of neighborhoods, of historical monuments and naturally of half timbered houses!! You can easily enjoy yourself there with photography!

Want to spruce up your Instagram feed or find the most beautiful places in Strasbourg for your photos?

Let's find out my 10 favorite Instagrammable places in Strasbourg for photo spots!

The house of covered bridges and its cascade of wisteria

The pretty house of covered bridges in the heart of La Petite France quarter is one of my favorite photo spots. It's located on the waterfront on a small island. I really appreciate going there to take photos. Instagram lovers also know well this spot in Strasbourg😉

This place reminds me of a life-size work of art. You can see the cathedral of Strasbourg in the back of the picture!

I advise you to go and photograph the house of covered bridges in the springtime at the beginning of the night. I think it's the perfect season to take beautiful pictures. I love to contemplate the sublime cascade of wisteria on the pontoon as well as the beautiful flowers on the railings. They really embellish the landscape.

The House of Covered Bridges is a very poetic and romantic place. I love to walk there. The setting is beautiful, even more so through a photo lens.

The little house of covered bridges is about 10 minutes walk from the historical center of Strasbourg. I usually walk along the Langstross (Grand'Rue), until the Rue des Meuniers. Then I reach the Quai de la Petite France and the pretty house by crossing the Pont des Faisans (bridge).

House of Covered Bridges at night

Cathedral of Strasbourg's second spire

The cathedral of Strasbourg is full of secrets and amazing stories. Its impressive astronomical clock is definitely part of it.

But that's not all! Did you know that the cathedral of Strasbourg has 2 spires?

By standing against a specific window in the rue Mercière, you'll be able to see the second tower of the Strasbourg Cathedral in its reflection. This place is known by the hardened Strasbourgeois, but so much less by travelers and tourists. When I discovered this Instagrammable photo spot, I was more than surprised! It's such an unusual view!

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Presqu'Île André Malraux at Rivetoile quarter

As I wander around Strasbourg looking for Instagrammable spots, I always stop at the Presqu'Île André Malraux in Rivétoile district.

To me, it's one of the best photo spots in Strasbourg for Instagram. Presqu'Île André Malraux is a former commercial port of the city and a cultural mecca.

It's easy to play with reflections and perspectives to make very nice photos by night and day. There're beautiful structures all around the Austerlitz basin that make this possible.

I marvel every time at the modern yet industrial architecture of the buildings, which makes the Presqu'Île André Malraux more typical than it already is.

Summer beach in Strasbourg

If you are a sunset lover like I am, I recommend you to go to this former unloading dock in the late afternoon in summer. It's the perfect time to enjoy the moment and take beautiful photos, with the orange-pink color gradations in the sky. I'm always overwhelmed with emotions.

The Presqu'Île André Malraux is quickly accessible by bike from downtown, on foot or by streetcar, by the Winston Churchill (streetcars C and E) or Etoile Bourse (streetcars A and D) stops.

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The Orthodox Church and its turquoise roofs

I love to show this place to my friends when we walk in the Quartier des Quinze. It's located near the European institutions in Strasbourg: houses are beautiful. It's a place in Strasbourg that I find more than great to photograph.

The Orthodox Church is in my opinion one of the most beautiful Instagrammable places in Strasbourg. It is located at the corner of two arms of water: the bassin des Remparts and the canal from the Marne to the Rhine.

With luck, an electric boat from Captain Bretzel or a Batorama boat will cross the water. They will add an unusual (and very Strasbourg-ish) touch to your pictures.

I usually go to admire the Orthodox Church after a walk in the Orangery Park. I can get there in 10 minutes by foot. But you can also go there from downtown Strasbourg. You just have to take the bus line L1 direction "Robertsau Lamproie" or the line 15 direction "Boecklin" and get off at the stop Quartier des Quinze. You can then walk for 5 minutes to arrive in front of this amazing place.

The Saint-Paul church on the waterfront in the Neustadt

One of the most photogenic places in Strasbourg is undoubtedly the Saint-Paul church, in the Neustadt district. Classified as a historical monument since 1998, this former protestant garrison church was built at the end of the 19th century.

I love to admire the church from the Pont Royal, also called the Pont de Gallia because of its location. The view angles for photos are very varied. It's a really perfect spot for Instagram.

Between the season of magnolias in bloom in Spring, the reflection of the Saint-Paul Church in the Ill, the Batorama boat sailing on the water or a bike parked against the supports of the Auvergne Bridge: there are many little joys of everyday life to capture.

But my favorite time to take Instagrammable photos remains at Christmas, the most magical time of the year! The best season is clearly Christmas market, when the illuminations adorn the beautiful Church.

You can easily get to the Saint-Paul Church by taking the streetcar to the Gallia station (streetcar C and E) or by walking along the Quais des Bateliers, the Quai des pêcheurs and the Quai du Maire Dietrich in 10 minutes from downtown Strasbourg.

Magnolias in bloom in spring on the Place de la République

To watch magnolias in bloom in Strasbourg and enjoy a nice instagrammable spot, I love walking on the Place de la République in spring. Its 'a very romantic landscape, with lots of greenery and remarkable buildings, which perfectly embody the Wilhelmian architecture...

I often see people who enjoy taking selfies... Guess what, I'm obviously one of them 😉 This bucolic landscape makes you want to capture the moment and savor it. Something to bring sweetness to your Instagram feed... especially with spring just around the corner!

What's convenient about Place de la République is that it's at the intersection of several streetcar lines (lines B, C, E and F) coming from the city center, but also from Neudorf, the Central Station, the Contades or even the surrounding cities of the Eurometropole.

The Lycée des Pontonniers and its large weeping willows

Strasbourg is full of architectural wonders, all of which are very popular for photos. This is what I appreciate the most.

The Lycée International des Pontonniers is one of them, with its location on the waterfront. Its Germanic heritage and its huge weeping willows please me a lot. It is a very peaceful place. I think it has a lot of charm and is gorgeous for Instagram. There are so many breathtaking landscapes, ideal for having fun while shooting photos.

The wall of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

Have you ever seen the spectacular street-art mural on the façade of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Strasbourg? This 1000m2 black and white work, created in 2018 by American artists Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller, is undeniably one of the most Instagrammable places in the city. Entitled From The Air We Share, the mural recounts the memories of the two artists from the FAILE collective, during their first visit to Strasbourg in 2017.

It's the perfect place for urban photography lovers and portraits lovers. The wall of the MMCAS is an exceptional background.

I really like this Instagram photo spot. It's really original and worth a visit. The MMCAS is directly served by the tramway B direction Lingolsheim, stop "Musée d'Art Moderne" from downtown.

Street-art mural of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Strasbourg, perfect for urban photography and portraits photos

The Orangery Park and its romantic corners

Why not do a photo shoot in the largest park in Strasbourg, in front of the Council of Europe? Personally, I love walking around the Parc de l'Orangerie, discovering unusual little corners for my Instagram.

With so many things to do in the Parc de l'Orangerie, you're bound to find some beautiful landscapes to photograph with your camera. What I like the most is to stroll in a boat on one of the water spots (be careful with your equipment though...) or to go in search of the multiple statues hidden in the Park.

I also feel like everyone falls for the romantic corner of the Parc de l'Orangerie, with its lovely gazebo and climbing roses. When the weather is nice, on weekends, this place is popular for wedding photos and photo shoots.

In my opinion, the best time to take Instagrammable photos at Parc de l'Orangerie is when the spring weather returns. The cherry blossoms are so beautiful.

But that's not all! At this time of year, storks come back to Alsace to nest. I saw several of them in the trees of the Parc de l'Orangerie when I walked there. So yes, it is a very typical Alsatian picture, but it is still perfect.

The swing bridge and half-timbered houses of Petite France

La Petite France is a picturesque area of Strasbourg, with its beautiful half-timbered houses and flowered bridges. I find that the place lends itself beautifully to a photo shoot.

After photographing the House of Covered Bridges and the Barrage Vauban, I advise you to walk to the Pavillon Régent. From this place, the towers of Covered Bridges are reflected in the water. Then I recommend you to go to the small swing bridge near the Regent Hotel. The Alsatian houses, in turn, are reflected in the Ill. It is so beautiful.

I had the chance to experience the sunset one winter afternoon at Petite France when I was doing a photo shoot with friends. I remembered this: colors, lights and shots are very varied! You can really take pleasure in discovering new Instagrammable spots by yourself.

Looking for a place to take beautiful photos?

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Where to take Instagram photos in Strasbourg?

Countless other places to take beautiful photos exist in Strasbourg. The list is long: Petite France, the Rue du Vieux-Marché aux Vins, the Passerelle Ducrot, the Pont-Neuf at the Jardin des Deux Rives, the Place Broglie or the European district.

Where to see the sunset in Strasbourg?

To admire a magnificent sunset in Strasbourg, I advise you to go to the Rivetoile district or to the top of the panoramic tower Weißtannenturm in the Jardin des Rives at the border between France and Germany.

What are your favorite places for your Instagram posts?

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